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Returning to In-person Instruction

The school board made a very tough decision last night to return to in-person school. While we are excited to see students in-person again, I would like to take a moment to discuss the "cost" of school during this time:

- Parents must understand that while we have decided to return in-person, at any time we could have a situation that would prompt us to switch to remote with very little notice.

- We have to be more strict about enforcing the pandemic order regarding masks in school...that includes in classrooms.

- Students that are able to come to school (not in quarantine or sick) must come to in-person school. We do not offer a virtual program.

- Basic Homebound services (not a full educational program) will be offered to students that must stay home due to medical reasons such as quarantine. A doctor's note will be required. (please note this is not a long term solution. If your child will be out because they are high risk, you should consider a virtual program so they get proper instruction. Homebound services are designed to be temporary.)

- Sick students with any illness must not attend school. To be considered excused they must have a doctor's note, and they need clearance to come back to school.

We hope you understand that this is what needs to happen for our school to remain open for in-person schooling. We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. If you would like to discuss this with me, I am available by phone tomorrow 12:00-3:00 and by email through our Facebook page any time.


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