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About Us

Flat River Academy differs from other schools – public, private and church related – through a series of guiding principles.


Flat River Academy offers a full educational program on these guiding principles.


Accelerated Curriculum: Accelerated curriculum/instructional practices ensure that every child is permitted and encouraged to advance as quickly as she or he can. Students below grade level are offered extra time and assistance to help ensure grade level performance. Those students at grade level are offered challenging activities to help them achieve at above grade level. Students above grade level are given enriched and stimulating activities to advance beyond their peers and occasionally participate in above grade level classes with higher level thinking activities. Our children are not taught in a “one size fits all” culture/curriculum. Our curriculum is immersed in the state’s Michigan Curriculum Framework and matched with our teachers who provide unique individual instruction based on needs of our students.


College Preparatory: Children attending our Academy should expect a rigorous curriculum/instruction at our middle/high school levels required for success in college. Our staff also recognizes the role that technology has in preparing our students for higher education.


Differentiated Instruction: Instruction at our Academy is “differentiated” for students. Students receive different instruction based on a strong belief that children differ in their learning styles, that the most effective learning does not occur in a “one curriculum for all” culture. Just “covering information” and completing a textbook page-by-page takes the real meaning out of important ideas. Curriculum is differentiated in three realms: content (curriculum), process (instruction), and product (assessment). Teachers support this curriculum differentiation by focusing and adjusting:

  • depth of study

  • broadening a student’s understanding across subjects

  • ensuring a student’s personal understanding and meaning, and

  • challenging a student by adjusting academic pacing to challenge a student


No Social Promotion: Students are required to demonstrate mastery of Grade Level Competencies for that grade level to be promoted to the next grade level. Social Promotion is considered a hoax and is not used to advance students without knowledge, skills and attitudes required for success at the next grade level.


Traditional Discipline: Children receive their education in safe, secure surroundings. Discipline is provided through firm, fair and consistent practices. Parents are critical partners with our Academy when implementing our Code of Conduct.


Character Education: Character education is one feature that sets Flat River Academy apart from other public schools. Character education is the foundation for traditional discipline practices and citizenship development.


Citizenship: giving students a voice All K-5 students participate in weekly assemblies where they present themes from the week’s work and present mini-shows for peers and parents. The purpose of these weekly assemblies is to build self-confidence in public speaking and to develop citizens who will have presence and “voice” as adults. Our educational program and operating practices emphasize development of young, productive citizens in our democratic society.


Class Sizes: Students are taught in classes with up to 25 students per class. We consider class size an important piece in empowering teachers to accelerate and differentiate instruction. Class size is important to help ensure academic rigor, keeping all students at/above grade level and helping meet No Child Left Behind and Ed Yes! requirements.


Families: Parents, guardians, grandparents, friends and extended family are all important to the character and culture of our Academy. Being welcomed, being involved, and being active partners give great strength to all components of our schools!


Communications: Continual positive interactions between parents and staff are critical to student success. Look for classroom and school newsletters, emails and special announcements! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your child’s teacher!


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Flat River Academy’s goal is to empower students with the academic knowledge and skills for success in education, work, and citizenship. Our educational program promotes students through achievement and focuses on the rapid intellectual development of each child. Our accelerated program respects the differences in each child and their method of learning, yet demands that students strive to reach their full academic potential.


  • Flat River Academy’s curriculum is based on the Michigan Core Curriculum Standards and is designed to maximize each child’s potential.

  • Flat River Academy offers all students the use of computers in every classroom and an internet-ready media center equipped with the most advanced instructional technology available.

  • Flat River Academy recognizes every student’s individual needs and potential. Small class sizes give students the chance to work at their own pace, and teachers an opportunity to focus on students’ special needs.

  • Flat River Academy's high school curriculum presents a demanding pre-university course of study designed for highly motivated secondary school students. In this program, we emphasize critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and exposure to a variety of points of view.

  • Flat River Academy emphasizes active citizenship and global perspectives within each area of the curriculum.

  • Students are able to explore some subjects in depth and others more broadly, so that a science-oriented student is challenged to learn a foreign language and the natural linguist becomes familiar with laboratory procedures.

  • Flat River Academy works in partnership with students and parents to ensure that students have ample opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

  • In addition to extensive opportunities in the classroom, our expanded high school curriculum, under the direct supervision of highly qualified teachers, also includes.

    • Online classes

    • Distance learning

    • Work-study program

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