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About Us

Open Enrollment for 2024-2024 School year was April 1st-14th, but we still have limited enrollment opportunities for some grade levels!

Call the office for a tour or more information.

Flat River Academy offers a full educational program on these guiding principles.


Project-Based and Hands-on: Children attending our Academy should expect a rigorous curriculum and instruction that prepares students to be passionate about society and learning.  Our hands-on and project-based focus means that we work to find ways to connect the real world with what students are learning in class.  Students at Flat River Academy will spend more time engaged in hands-on experiences, activities and projects that inspire them to think outside of themselves and their classroom and helps students find their unique purpose. 

High Quality Curriculum and Materials: Flat River Academy utilizes high-quality student-centered resources and materials for ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science for every grade level.  Our ELA curriculum utilizes real trade books that you would find at a bookstore rather than textbooks to encourage and inspire authentic reading experiences.  Math curriculum and materials from Eureka Math is one of the highest rated math programs in the nation.  Our science curriculum includes regular hands-on activities, projects and experiments.  All materials and curriculum are research-based and engaging.


Direct and Systematic Phonics Instruction: Research has proven that children learn how to read better and avoid reading issues when taught with direct and systematic phonics instruction using the Orton Gillingham method.  K-3rd grade elementary classrooms utilize this method every day to provide a solid reading foundation.  Grades 4-5 have access to phonics instruction if it is determined that they are missing skills in decoding words.


Differentiated Instruction: Accelerated curriculum and differentiated instructional practices ensure that every child is permitted and encouraged to advance as quickly as she or he can. Students below grade level are offered extra time and assistance to help ensure grade level performance. Advanced students are given high quality, grade level instruction along with enrichment during our differentiated instruction (DI) block.  Our curriculum is immersed in Michigan's Standards and matched with our teachers who provide unique individual instruction based on needs of our students.  We understand that your child is uniquely talented and we use instructional strategies that help them become the best version of themselves.

Culture of Respect and Discipline: Children receive their education in safe, secure surroundings. Discipline is provided through firm, fair and consistent practices. Parents are critical partners with our Academy when implementing our Code of Conduct.  Social emotional learning is embedded in our daily routines and deeply rooted in our school's culture. 


Class Sizes: We consider class size an important piece in empowering teachers to accelerate and differentiate instruction. Small class sizes also allows teachers to develop meaningful and respectful relationships with each child.  Classes are limited to 18-20 students depending on grade level.


Families: Parents, guardians, grandparents, friends and extended family are all important to the character and culture of our Academy. Being welcomed, being involved, and being active partners give great strength to all components of our school!

Communications: Continual positive interactions between parents and staff are critical to student success. Look for classroom and school newsletters, emails and special announcements! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your child’s teacher!


Flat River Academy’s goal is to empower students with the academic knowledge and skills for success in education, work, and citizenship. Our educational program focuses on hands-on learning and comprehensive real-world activities and projects.  We want to inspire each child to find their passion and give them the skills they need to pursue their life's purpose.  Learn More about our Curriculum here.

  • Flat River Academy uses a project-based learning and hands-on approach to connect learning with the real world and engage students.

  • Flat River Academy uses high quality curriculum and materials in math, reading, writing, science and social studies.

  • Flat River Academy’s curriculum is based on the Michigan Core Curriculum Standards and is designed to maximize each child’s potential.

  • Flat River Academy utilizes technology without replacing face-to-face instruction.  We understand and value the need for learning technical skills, but believe in the power of meaningful human connection for learning. 

  • Flat River Academy recognizes every student’s individual needs and potential. Small class sizes give students the chance to work at their own pace, and teachers an opportunity to focus on each student's needs.

  • Flat River Academy emphasizes active citizenship and global perspectives within each area of the curriculum.

  • Flat River Academy works in partnership with students and parents to ensure that students have ample opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

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