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In-Person Summer School

In person summer school will begin July 7th! Here are some details:

  • You must be enrolled in Flat River Academy for the upcoming school year. This includes re-enrolled students and newly enrolled students. 8th graders that were enrolled in Flat River Academy for the 2019-20 school year may also attend.

  • Summer school is tuition-free. There is no cost to attend.

  • Summer school will begin July 7th and run Tuesday/Wed/Thursday 9:00-2:00.

  • The last day of summer school is August 6th. (5 weeks)

  • Summer school is intended to help students gain skills needed for their upcoming grade. Summer school is not designed for students already exceeding grade level expectations. We will offer many enrichment activities during the summer that are open to ALL students.

  • Summer school is a wonderful opportunity for your child to improve their reading, writing and basic math skills.

  • Summer school is very individualized. We will work with each child to help determine the most important skills and spend our time with them specifically on what they need to be successful. Think of this more as free, individualized tutoring for your child.

  • Summer school is more flexible than regular school. Students have more opportunities to move and work at their own pace. We work on their level and help them move forward academically. Scheduling accommodations can also be made if your child cannot attend all 3 days a week.

  • You will need to pack a lunch for your child.

  • You can sign up for summer school here:

COVID Safety precautions:

  • Students will be quickly screened for fever and symptoms upon entering the building. Parents may not leave their child until they are screened.

  • If a child shows any sign of illness during the day, they will be in a separate area until parents can pick them up. Classmates' parents will be notified of potential illness. Then the area and classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Students will be in a classroom with no more than 9 students.

  • Frequent hand-washing and disinfecting of surfaces and classroom items.

  • Staff will wear a mask if within 6 feet of your child unless there is a specific academic reason to do otherwise (example- showing a student the correct way to make a letter sound if they are not understanding due to the mask).

  • Children will be spaced at least 6 feet apart during independent work, but may interact closer during lessons or recess.

  • Students will have access to playground equipment with their class. Students will sanitize hands before and after recess.

  • Children will be assigned learning materials such as pencils, crayons, rulers, notebooks and Chromebooks. Their items will be separated from other children's items.

  • Children will eat their own packed lunch from home either in the classroom or outside (if weather permits).

  • Classrooms and any student areas will be thoroughly cleaned each evening after the students leave.

  • We understand (and we ask you to understand) that this does not entirely eliminate the risk of catching COVID-19.


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